Army Chief Gives Strong Message To Modi And Raw Over CPEC


Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has said that the army was ready to go to any extent for peace and stability in the country. While speaking on the concluding session on a seminar on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Gilgit Baltistan the army chief talked about the security of CPEC, terrorism and the importance of Gilgit-Baltistan in CPEC.

Raheel Sharif said that, “Let [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi and RAW know that our borders are secure. We know our enemy and its conspiracies and we will leave no stone unturned to defeat those plots.”

Delhi has adopted a hostile position on CPEC and tried to persuade China during its bilateral interactions to not engage with Pakistan on the project.

Prime Minister Modi on his country’s Independence Day speech accused Pakistan of suppressing the rights of Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Also no direct mention was made about CPEC but it has been mentioned that India has met with China countless times to persuade them to not pursue CPEC.

Gen Raheel gave an overview of the progress by the security division of CPEC. He said that the northern wing of the CPEC security division had been raised, and the process for establishment of the southern wing had been started.

The northern wing will would provide security to the Khunjerab pass which is on the border with China and Rawalpindi, while the rest of the projects would fall under the southern wing.

The army Chief shared the responsibilities of the security division stating that, “Their responsibilities would range from being first responders in case of threats to nuclear energy projects with China to advising and supporting law enforcement agencies that would be in the lead for security of other projects.” He also added that, “They would be advising, indirectly controlling and, at times, directing the law enforcement agencies.”

General Iqbal was also present at the seminar and stated that major challenge to CPEC came from regional and extra-regional players and, “Every sacrifice would be made for the success of the project.”


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  • Modi the dirty minded Prime Minister of India must mind his own business.
    Pakistan should raise water issues again against india and keep its pressure for Kashmir issues.
    we need peace in this region and in case India tries to play dirty then we will teach them a lesson of the century which they will never forget.