Bank Alfalah Enters Into Partnership with ICBC


Bank Alfalah Limited (BAFL) has entered into a strategic partnership with Limited (ICBC) for cooperation in several areas of banking and finance, a statement said on Monday.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) highlights conceptual framework and guiding principles for cooperation for enhanced financial activities in and other international locations where each bank may be present.

Under the agreement, both the banks have agreed to refer trade finance business to each other. Both the banks will open accounts with each other to facilitate settlement payments. Karachi branch will open a rupees account with BAFL and BAFL will reciprocate by opening a Chinese Yen Nostro Account with ICBC.

The MoU also facilitates for mutual corporate lending and project financing. “ICBC will give preference to BAFL in referrals of Chinese corporate clients requiring rupee funding in and BAFL will prefer Pakistani corporate clients requiring RMB funding in China,” the bank said. “The agreement will also provide for joint syndication and project financing of Pakistan’s priority projects.”

BAFL and ICBC have also agreed to undertake treasury related transactions. BAFL role as a primary dealer would provide ICBC with the ability to source Pakistan Government Bonds for ICBC liquidity management needs.

ICBC would provide access to BAFL in the international bond markets. Finally, both agree to connect with each other for their foreign exchange transactional requirements.

BAFL and ICBC have also agreed to propose appropriate individual industrial and infrastructure development projects in various sectors of economy of Pakistan including engagement in financing activities, joint studies of technical, economic and financial features of feasibility of projects, providing consultancy services to project investors, joint financing of projects and more.

Besides this, both the banks have also agreed to engage in business cooperation in various banking businesses in third country or regions outside the home countries.  The banks will also exchange information to enhance mutual cooperation in this regard.

He Shenghu, CEO, ICBC’s Pakistan Operations said, “The primary focus of ICBC is to support the economic development of Pakistan by fostering a strong partnership with both public and private entities.”

Source: The News

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