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China Pledges To Speed Up Approval Of Stock Listings

BEIJING, (APP/AFP) – China’s top securities regulator has pledged to speed up approvals of initial public offerings (IPOs), as the government seeks to attract capital and boost domestic growth. Buoyed by the capital market’s recovery from a 2015 rout, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) on Sunday

China To Improve Rehabilitation Services For Disabled

BEIJING, (APP/Xinhua): China will step up efforts to prevent the occurrence of disabilities and improve rehabilitation services for the country’s 85 million disabled people, according to a regulation issued by the State Council. The regulation, signed by Premier Li Keqiang, specifies the responsibilities of governments at various levels

China Issues Five-Year Plan To Expand Transport Network

BEIJING, (APP/Xinhua): China’s State Council on Tuesday issued a plan to expand its transport network during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20). By 2020, the country will have 150,000 kilometers of railway lines, 5 million km of roads, 260 airports and 2,527 berths for vessels over 10,000 tonnes. The country also

Central Chinese Cities To Build More Maglev Rail Lines

CHANGSHA, (APP/Xinhua): Central China’s Hunan Province is preparing to build more middle-to-low speed magnetically levitated (maglev) rail lines after the successful launch of the first domestic line in the province in 2016. The first Chinese middle-to-low speed maglev rail line started operation in May 2016

PM Lauds China’s Support In Fight Against Terrorism

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Tuesday lauded China’s diplomatic and material support to Pakistan in its fight against terrorism. The Prime Minister, in a meeting with China’s Executive Vice Foreign Minister Yesui Zhang here at the PM House, expressed his gratitude to the leadership and brotherly people

China For Efforts To Boost Smart Manufacturing

SHENYANG, (APP/Xinhua): Chinese Vice Premier, Ma Kai has urged more efforts to make the country’s manufacturing industry smarter and more competitive. China has made headway in smart manufacturing development since “Made in China 2025” was unveiled, but the country still had a long way to go

China To Boost Gold Output To 500 Tonnes By 2020

BEIJING, (APP/Xinhua): China will increase its annual gold output to 500 tonnes by 2020 from around 450 tonnes currently, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). During the period of 2016-2020, gold output should grow by an average 3 percent annually, the

China Among First Countries To Pay 2017 UN Membership Dues

  BEIJING (China), (APP): China has paid its United Nations membership dues for 2017, making the country the first permanent member to do so, Farhan Haq, the Deputy Spokesman for UN Secretary-General said. China’s quota shares rose to 7.921 percent in 2016, up from the