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China May Be Fighting The Doklam War On Pakistan Front: Indian Media

Will India and China go to war over Doklam? India has refrained from showing any aggression so far. China has heightened the war rhetoric but without backing it with any solid action. It seems China does not want an actual war but a prolonged, war-like situation. China cannot

At Wit’s End, India Resorts To Dalai Lama Card: Global Times

BEIJING, Aug 11 (APP): Weighing in on the China-India border standoff in Doklam, the Dalai Lama has sided with India with ostensibly impartial remarks and said two big nations don’t have the ability to eliminate or defeat the other, so they have to live side

India Is Playing With Fire, And It Could Get Burned: People’s Daily

BEIJING, Aug 10 (APP): The military border standoff between China and India in the Dong Lang area (Doklam) reveals India’s geopolitical ambitions and motivation to use “protecting Bhutan” as an excuse for its own superpower dream. To defuse the crisis, India should immediately withdraw its


Pakistan Rejects Afghan Allegations About Operation Khyber-Iv

ISLAMABAD, Aug 7 (APP): Pakistan Monday rejected the allegation that military operation Khyber-IV was meant to push militants into Afghanistan. Responding to a media query regarding a statement attributed to the governor of the Afghan province of Kunar, the Foreign Office Spokesperson underlined that such