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If Trump Abandons The TPP, China Will Be The Biggest Winner: HBR

The phrase “Thucydides Trap” refers to the likelihood of tensions and even war between an established power and a rising challenger. Even before Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency, the relationship between the U.S. and China was often cast in these terms, with analysts

China Really Isn’t Joking About Taiwan: FP

There’s a reason Donald Trump’s impetuous conversation with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has left foreign-policy experts tearing their hair out by the roots. The fussy diplomatic protocols Trump flouted, in this case, are not a mere formality. They are a finely honed coping strategy for

Danyal Hasnain Gondal

Reasons Why Gwadar Port Outplays Chabahar

The recent fanfare regarding the Chabahar Port in Iran has brought this project in direction competition with the Gwadar Port of Pakistan. Chabahar has officially been described as a free trade and industrial area, developed by the Iranian government with Indian assistance and investment. Indian

Danyal Hasnain Gondal

Opinion: Turkey and Iran’s Inclusion in the CPEC

The recent statements of Iranian Ambassador Mehdi Honardoust and of the Turkish Economic Minister regarding Iran and Turkey’s interest in CPEC and their aspiration of becoming a part in this ambitious project is a huge development for the region. This development is reminiscent of the

India’s Delusion of South Asian Hegemony

Following the recent geo-political developments in the region, the Indian government has proved its unrepresentative nature. After alienating indigenous populations and signing economic agreements with American corporations, the Indian political elite began to believe that they had addressed the country’s growing economic and political crises.

Danyal Hasnain Gondal

China Pakistan Boundary Agreement: The Lesser Known Treaty

Conflict and contestation regarding Pakis­tan’s borders make headlines regularly. In the re­­cent past, violence and belligerence increased not only on the LoC with India, but there have been constant issues of disputes on the Pak-Afghan border. Tensions heightened to the point where Afghani Army directly fired

Of Friends And Foes: The New Power Struggle In South Asia

Modi has been loud. Modi has been clear. He is in no mood to give Islamabad the leverage it needs on the international front. Islamabad’s good old bargaining chip (read: Kashmir) is being countered by India’s cries over the situation in Baluchistan. If we dust