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Danyal Hasnain Gondal

History of The Slogan ‘Pak-Cheen Dosti Zindabad’

Most of us must have listened to the passionate song Pak-Cheen dosti wang woye, wang woye, wang woye, wang woye, Pak-Cheen dosti zindabad, zindabad, zindabad, zindaabaaad.’ However, the majority of Pakistanis are unaware regarding the historical foundations and genesis of Pak-China friendship. The recent consolidation

Independence Day Speech: Why is Modi Worried?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement over Gilgit-Baltistan and Baluchistan has stirred a new war of words between the leadership of two countries.  Modi in his Independence Day address on Monday said, “People of Baluchistan, Gilgit and PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) have thanked me a

Top 5 Destinations in China for Pakistani Businessmen

Over the years China has turned into the largest manufacturer in the world. Currently, China holds the status of the largest Supplier of consumer goods in the world. According to statistics, 6 out of the 10 major export ports in the world are located in

Danyal Hasnain Gondal

Shahbaz Sharif – the Punjabi Man of Steel

It is no secret that the government under Nawaz Sharif has been overtly trying to forge strong socio-economic ties with China. The government has always tilted towards infrastructural development, which has been mainly Punjab centric, and has looked towards its key ally, China, in order

CPEC and China’s Strategic Interest in Pakistan

A broad range of literature has been published so far on the rise of China, the decline of the West and the potential repercussions of these developments on the balance of power in South and Central Asia. The above mentioned developments will transform the entire