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Pakistani Students Take Part In Int’l Chemistry, Physics Olympiad

ISLAMABAD, July 18 (APP): Two teams of Pakistani students have participated in International Chemistry and Physics Olympiad at Bangkok, Thailand and Yogyakarta, Indonesia respectively. Teams comprising four Chemistry and five Physics students competed against over 300 talented students of respective subjects from around the world,

Chinese Internet Giants Eye Artificial Intelligence

SHENZHEN, (APP/Xinhua): Executives at Chinese Internet giants, including Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, are focusing on the development of artificial intelligence and believe the next decades will be a golden age for the industry. “We used to see artificial intelligence only as a way to improve our computing and

CUST Develops Pakistan’s First Phased Array Radar

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST), Islamabad has successfully developed Pakistan’s first Phased Array Radar (PAR). According to details, the project was developed by the team of Professor Aamer Iqbal Bhatti and his former PhD student in Controls and Signal Processing Research (CASPR) department of CUST, reported

Google Translate App Now Unblocked In China

SHANGHAI, (APP/AFP) – Google on Wednesday made available in China a new version of its translation app. Google shut down its website in 2010, moving its Chinese search service from mainland China to Hong Kong and most of its offerings have remained blocked by

China Building World’s Largest Multifunctional Nano Research Facility

NANJING, (APP/Xinhua): Chinese scientists are building the world’s largest multifunctional research platform for nano-science and nano-technology that could help develop more powerful computers and more intelligent robots. The Vacuum Interconnected Nano-X Research Facility in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, integrates the state-of-art capabilities of material growth, device fabrication

New Vitamin May Help DNA Repair, Reverse Ageing Process

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Scientists have identified a vitamin that plays a key role in repairing damaged DNA and may lead to the development of a drug that can reverse ageing, fight cancer as well as help in space travel. The study, published in the journal Science,

4.5G Service In Pakistan To Be Operational By June 2017

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Wi-Tribe 4.5G service first time in Pakistan would be operational by June 2017 in five cities of the country. According to private news channel, wi-tribe announced a $15 million contract and strategic partnership with Huawei of China for advanced upgradation of LTE in at least five

Diabetes Drug May Help Treat Breast Cancer: Chinese Researchers

BEIJING (China) (APP): Researchers in China have discovered that a drug used to treat diabetes could be effective against a form of deadly breast cancer. More than 70,000 people die from breast cancer in China every year, according to the national cancer center. Triple-negative breast cancer

Chinese Mobile App Economy Growing On Fast Track

BEIJING, (APP/Xinhua): China’s booming mobile app market continues to expand with rising smart device penetration and mobilization of more traditional businesses, according to a leading industry observer. “China’s app economy is accelerating in growth, putting it within striking distance of Japan and the United States,” Bertrand Schmitt,

Chinese Scientists Create Four Synthetic Yeast Chromosomes

BEIJING, (APP/Xinhua): Chinese scientists have assembled four synthetic yeast chromosomes, making China the second country capable of designing and building eukaryotic genomes. The findings were published in Friday’s edition of journal Science, marking a step closer to building synthetic life. In the study, researchers with Tianjin University,