China Decides to Step In Over Kashmir Issue

 The writer is a law graduate from LUMS and is currently practicing civil litigation.

The writer is a law graduate from LUMS and is currently practicing civil litigation.

The unrest brewing in Kashmir has attracted international attention from various agencies, officials and countries, one of which is China. The country’s leadership, in a somewhat rare policy decision, has urged the government of Pakistan to ensure a proper and peaceful settlement of the issue on an urgent basis. This took place after Human Rights Watch expressed its concern over the usage of force by Indian police against the Kashmiris living in Indian held Kashmir.

Barbaric violence recently ensued in Kashmir, taking the lives of 51 people and injuring hundreds, amongst who are 70 people who have been permanently blinded as a result of being struck in the face by pellets from Indian police forces. This killing of Kashmiris has taken place after the assassination of Burhan Wani, the Hizbul Mujahideen leader.

The Chinese government has expressed its deep concern pertaining to the aforementioned casualties and death, reported Lu Kang, who is the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson. He also emphasized that China’s stance regarding the issue of Kashmir has been ‘consistent’ and that the Chinese government has always hoped and still wishes that all concerned parties should immediately solve the issue, which has been left over from history, amicably and peacefully. He also added that the relevant authorities in China have taken notes of reports coming out of the violence that is taking place in Kashmir and the threat being posed to newspaper owners and editors. These comments took many by surprise because it is not common for Beijing to release statements on the issues surrounding Jammu and Kashmir. In the previous years, China has usually stated that issues pertaining to Kashmir were matters strictly between Pakistan and India, and should be handled by them via consultation and dialogue. It is the first time that China has officially stated its views on the Kashmir issue and that it is taking notes of all reports regarding casualties that are coming forth.

He was referring to the raids taking place in Kashmir on newspaper offices, where they have seized tens of thousands copies of local newspapers on Saturday, 23rd July. The police has also detained a plethora of printing press workers on false charges. As a result, a multitude of journalists and editors conducted a protest march on Saturday, 23rd July in Srinagar, where they changed slogans and held placards saying “We Want Freedom Of Speech’ and ‘Stop Censorship’.

Reports from the Indian media state that concerned authorities in Indian Occupied Kashmir have removed a three-day ban upon the printing of newspapers. However, newspaper owners and editors have expressed concern about the Kashmir government still not ensuring smooth media operations in the current circumstances. This move to bring the printing of newspapers to a standstill was done without seeking the approval of Mehbooba Mufti, who is the state’s top elected official.

This ban has also been criticized by top international newspaper The Washington Post, which published the following statement in a report: “Unwilling to take any chances, Indian authorities appear to be persisting with their clampdown to avoid aggravating tensions in view of Pakistan’s call for a “black day” on Wednesday to protest India’s handling of dissent in Kashmir.”

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  1. hassan says:

    as much as i wanted china to interfere but sadly there is no report on china interfering ……… much as we love them but they wont interfere as far as i know ……..can you give us the links , there is nothing in news

  2. Rizwan Ali says:

    Why Chinese consider Kashmir issue be resolved bilaterally between India and Pakistan. UN security council should play her role as there are resolution for Kashmir issue which have not yet been implemented and China being permanent member of UNSC should play her role for implementation for the said resolutions . Non implementation of UNSC has bring.the Kashmiris to this point and region as as whole is not enjoying benefits of economic development and peace .

  3. Saad Iftikhar says:

    Isn’t enough.China offered us to join the 1962 sino indian war and get our region back but as always we let it pass.We need to shift gears on this issue to resolve it multidimensionally.What matters is what we do.

  4. Shafiq says:

    I think this is a good step for Pakistan and China,

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    Pakistani should openly ask for china’s help. Only then will we gain what is rightfully ours

  7. Mahnoor Haq says:

    Finally China steps in! After taking their sweet sweet time. Better late than never i say

  8. Zara Bajwa says:

    I dont like China

  9. Shanzay Farooq says:

    Good article!!

  10. Shafqat Hussain says:

    Well done

  11. Shayan says:

    Chinese must have some inner strategic interest to be gained from this conflict

  12. Pakistani Boy says:

    What happens now? Im confused about chinas next step

  13. Fariba Irani says:

    We should ask chinese for help! Surely they are more than just chinese food providers?

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    Chinese authorities need to do more now

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    Ok good. Bravo china for taking notice

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    Long live pak china friendship

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    Good i lyk

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    Insightful article. Sheds light on something that many pakistanis normally take for granted and skim over. Different angle. Much appreciated.

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