China Developed First Quantum Radar System

Beijing: 14th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) has developed China’s first quantum radar system successfully said Xinhua News Agency. The system is based on the technology of single photon detection, which is another major milestone for China in quantum research.

The quantum radar system was developed by the Intelligent Perception Technology Laboratory of the 14th Institute of CETC. Researchers conducted experiments on quantum detection and target scattering characterization. In the target detection experiment, conducted in a real atmospheric environment, the detection ability of the system was proven to be over 100 km’s.

According to a report on Sept. 8 by Mingbao Daily, the theoretical basis of the quantum radar is that an object will change its quantum properties after receiving photonic signals. The quantum radar can easily detect stealth aircraft and is highly resistant to being jammed. Military experts have stated that once a stealth aircraft is located by the radar, it stands little chance to escape the strikes of air defense missiles.

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  1. syed Ali Yahya Tirmizi says:

    Wawoo really amazing progress by our Chinese friends, congradulation to them.

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