China Shocked Over Indian Army Chief Remarks Of War With China, Pakistan

BEIJING, Sep 7 (APP): China Thursday expressed shock over statement of the Indian army chief regarding preparation of a war with China and Pakistan and hoped the military official would clearly see the trend of China-India relations after recent meeting between President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the sidelines of BRICS summit. We have noted this statement by the relevant personnel and also witnessed reports of Indian media. His remarks are shocking, Chinese Foreign Ministrys Spokesperson, Geng Shuang said while responding to a question about Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat remarks in which he said that the possibility of a two-front war against China on the North and Pakistan to the West could not be ruled out.

Taking offense to remarks of the Indian army chief he made a day after Xi-Modi meeting in Xiamen, he said, We don’t know, whether he was authorized to speak these words or it was just a spontaneous word or whether his words represented the position of the Indian government. The spokesperson said that during his meeting with Indian prime minister, President Xi Jinping said that China and India should respect each other, seek common grounds and shelve difference and work together to ensure peace and tranquility of border area. In his statement, the Indian prime minister had agreed that two sides should work together to ensure the peace and tranquility of border areas, he added. He hoped that this military official would see clearly this trend and contribute to the development of China and India relations and would not say something more in that regard.

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  • Never trust Indian Burehman,their political leaders will talk softly but behind the curtain they will stab you from the back,its say bughul me churrey aur mon per ram ram,
    They are doing everything possible through their lobbing in Washington to put put sanctioned on China in North Korea issue in order to become a number one economy in the world in 2020