China Taking Part In Socio-Economic Development Of Pakistan Through CPEC, Ambassador Tells Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD (APP): Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan recently met with the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek –e-Insaf Imran Khan and discussed China Pakistan Economic Corridor with him. The Ambassador conveyed that his country was taking active part in socio-economic development of Pakistan through CPEC. He told that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) served the socio-economic interest of Pakistan’s all regions, hoping it would help improving the living conditions of the people across the board. Chinese Embassy sources said when contacted.

The Ambassador availed the opportunity to assure him that CPEC was of great significance in enhancing bilateral connectivity, improving people’s livelihood and fostering pragmatic economic and trade cooperation.

He also said that CPEC was meant to serve socio-economic interest of Pakistan across the board. All the regions including those in KPK will benefit from it.

The sources said that the ambassador also introduced the specific projects undertaken in KPK, making it clear that the passage going through western part of Pakistan to Gwadar was definitely part of CPEC.

He expressed the hope that this could help clarify the basic facts about CPEC. It was consistently stated by the Chinese side that the CPEC was an important consensus reached by the Chinese and Pakistani governments.

Both the federal and local governments of Pakistan could make close consultation and coordination on CPEC planning and construction. Ambassador Sun Weidong further stated that his country highly appreciated the support of all the political parties including the PTI to CPEC, hoping that the consensus on the level of the government and the political parties would be a source of strength in pushing forward their socio-economic partnership to a new height.

The Ambassador during the meeting also stated that, as a close and sincere friend of Pakistan, China hoped to see Pakistan achieve stability, development and prosperity. His country, he added, would support its Pakistani brothers within its capacity for their better future.