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China To Collaborate With USAID For PEEP Project

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Lahore: Delegation from the USAID Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP) which is being led by Imran Masood Chaudhary visited the Pak- China joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry and asked for Chinese assistant in the project. PCJCCI president Faisal Afridi has said that China is helping to develop various sectors in Pakistan as underlined by the USAID- PEEP program and by collaborating the project can be more effective and lead to timely completion of the project.

By collaboration opportunities would increase for organizations that are participating. The USAID official said that PEEP is there for horticulture, dairy and the livestock sector in Punjab and to enable the Punjab enabling Environment Project to create an agriculture sector which would be internationally competitive. The agriculture sector would be aimed at developing a Livestock vision 2025 which would promote evidence based policy research and improving both quality and quantity of products sold domestically. The project will create about 15000 jobs and will contribute economically.

The project is being partnered with private and public sector along with civil society and academia in order to reach the goal. The project is there to promote advocacy of policy, regulation and institutional reforms with the private sector. The project would also support institutional capacity to build reforms which would lead to better environment. The Chinese could help with integration and innovation of technology.

The representative of Chinese companies Wang Zihai appreciated and acknowledged the efforts and assured cooperation. The Chinese ministry of commerce will be contacted and a full proof plan will then be made. It was emphasized that it is a national priority that development of innovation should be upgraded and expedited in Pakistan.

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