China's Shenzhou-10 Spacecraft Photo Source:
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China To Launch Manned Spacecraft on Monday

China's Shenzhou-10 Spacecraft Photo Source:
China’s Shenzhou-10 Spacecraft
Photo Source:

BEIJING: China Will Launch Shenzhou-11 a manned spacecraft on Monday, China Central Television reported. The spacecraft will take 2 male astronauts into space and dock with the Tiangong-2. Tiangong -2, China’s second space lab, was launched in mid-September. China has already invited Pakistani Scientists to watch the launch of Shenzhou-11.

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According to the details of the project, Shenzhou-11 and Tiangong-2 will orbit together for 30 days, during which the astronauts will carry out some experiments. It will be the longest space flight of Chinese astronauts by far. The authorities have not announced the names of the two astronauts. After two rounds of orbit changes, the Tiangong-2 space lab is flying 393 kilometers above the ground, waiting for the Shenzhou-11.

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