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China To Launch Tiangong-2 Space Lab

Beijing: China’s second space lab Tiangong-2 is scheduled to be put into space between September 15 and 20, said the office of China’s manned space program. The space lab with its carrier rocket was taken to the launch pad at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China. It took 90 minutes to complete the transferring process from the assembling center to the launch pad.  It was said that, “The completion of the transfer signals that the space lab Tiangong-2 mission has entered its launching stage.”

Technicians tested the assembling of the lab and the rocket after they had been separately delivered to the launch center in July. The launch center will continue testing rocket and inject propellent before the launch. Tiangong-2 can enable two astronauts to live in space for 30 days would be capable of receiving manned and cargo spaceships and would be used for testing systems and processes for mid-term space stays and refueling. Experiments on aerospace medicine, space sciences, on-orbit maintenance and space station technologies will also take place.

China’s first space lab Tiangong-1 was launched in September 2011 and ended its data service earlier this year. It was docked with Shenzhou-8, Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10 spacecraft and gone through a series of experiments.