China Working On State Of The Art Aircraft Carrier

Beijing: China’s Ministry of offered more information about their first domestically produced aircraft carrier. The aircraft is currently being built in Dalian and it is said that the new carrier would have a ski-jump design which is similar to Liaoning.

The Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian, did not confirm the reports however he said that there is more to the aircraft than its appearance. He said that, “What I can tell you is that the manufacturing of China’s first home-made aircraft carrier is in progress smoothly according to the plan. As for the appearance you just mentioned, I think you are only half right. Our aircraft carrier will not only be good-looking, but will also have good quality inside.”

It is said that the aircraft would be ready by the end of this year. China’s current aircraft carrier, the “Liaoning,” also has a ski-jump design. Liaoning was purchased from the former Soviet Union and delivered to the in 2012.

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  • China really deserves to rule the world. China, unlike the USA, does not believe in conspiracies against other countries. Chinse people believe to work hard, do business and contribute to their own welfare and for the welfare of the rest of the world. The USA. on the other hand, creates distrust through CIA, drag the neighbouring countries into war, sell its war machines through such immoral tactics, impose its hegemony, obtain financial gains (the Iraq War is good example). America is absolutely unpredictable and could not be trusted. The way Pakistan was used against the former USSR and the way it closed its eyes and left Pakistan in the bog of terrorism is enough for all the world nations to know the US and its attitude towards friends.

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