Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter Rivals American F-22 In Performance And Technology: Military Expert

Beijing: A photo posted by a netizen shows that the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter recently conducted a test flight and a military expert shared that the performance of the Chinese J-20 rivals that of the American F-22.

The J-20 stealth fighter which is currently in the process of research and development in China is equipped with long-range missiles and an advanced active phase array radar and electronic warfare system. Many authorities believe that the J-20 will become a potential rival for F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters. Some of the equipment for the J-20 is also more advanced than that of the F-22 fighters, which were put into service in 2005.

A military expert said that the J-20 will undertake air battle tasks once it enters active service. The Intelligence and distance capabilities will be crucial to air battles in the future so the fighters must be equipped with advanced information systems, electronic warfare systems and air-to-air long-range weapons. Many military fans want to know whether the J-20 will have a ‚ÄúChinese heart.” The military expert said that as strategic mutual trust between China and Russia deepens, it is hopeful that the two countries will cooperate on the research and development of aircraft engines which would be good news for combat platforms like the J-20.

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  • it is great to see china producing its stealth fighter.
    that is the best thing I like about china that they produce whatever they need on their own soil.
    and I am hoping they will also include Pakistan in this program and we wil aslo get stealth fighters.
    I have heard that some Pakistani experts are also participating in this program

  • To all the people especially Americans who are getting jealous and saying it is lacking in some things as compared to the F 22, they should remember when F 22 was launched it was also facing technology problems. Even One F 22 was crashed in the initial days due to some technical issues. Same was the case with F 16 in the start but now, after 40 years, F 16 is totally developed with no technical and performance issues. Another big thing is that J 20 with J 31 will be the future of the Pakistan Airforce as china is falling deepen in friendship with the Pakistan.