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Chinese Keen To Collaborate With Pakistan Furniture Industry

Islamabad: The leader of the visiting Chinese furniture manufacturer’s delegation Zuo Boyang said that they want to further enhance collaboration with Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) to promote furniture business and pave way for improved trade ties between the business communities of both the countries.

A high level Chinese furniture delegation came on a 2-day visit to Pakistan and visited the PFC head office to exchange their expertise and experiences in regard of enhancing ties in furniture sector. Zuo took great interest in in Pakistan furniture products and thoroughly discussed the ways and means for boosting the furniture trade especially office furniture and strengthening the existing business relations among the corporate sectors of the two countries on modern lines.

Zuo Boyang the leading Chinese furniture producer said that Pakistan’s furniture with calligraphic engraving has great demand in international markets, which seems to be the dominant one in Pakistan, therefore Pakistani craftsmen should focus on working in this particular area to earn the much-needed foreign exchange. He said Pakistan has excellent craftsmen and designers who can virtually give life to a piece of wood. Pakistan also has the potential to capture its share in the international market because local industry in Pakistan has the finest wood available in the country.

Rita Cho who is another Chinese leading furniture producer said that both the countries not only share border but also have unanimity of views on various political and economic issues. The two countries have a combined the markets of more than 1.5 billion people but the trade volume needs to be pushed up. “The Chinese importers may have better prospects for Pakistani goods particularly of furniture.” The involvement of Chinese enterprise in technical and financial assistance in several development projects is reflective of the cordial relations based on mutual trust and sincerity and Chinese furniture sector is willing to enhance its trading ties with Pakistan she said. It was added that there are many areas which can be explored with mutual enterprises in furniture sector in Pakistan.

The members of the delegation were briefed by the Deputy General Manager PFC Faisal Mohsin about the bright scope of the future industry in Pakistan. He said furniture sector is being promoted under the dynamic leadership of PFC Chief Executive Mian Kashif Ashfaq. He said most of the country has great scope for Pakistani Furniture, because they like Pakistani Traditional Hand-Carved furniture designs with classic finishing and similar designs can be replicated in China market hence efforts must be made to promote furniture exports by more regular participation in international shows. He said that, “All this can happen if there is government’s will and a vision amongst furniture traders. Joint ventures with China through trade commissions for providing machines on lease can bring product quality at par with highest international standards. But for this to happen, the furniture industry in Pakistan must vigorously transform from cottage or small scale industry to innovative industry through training, upgrading supplies and imports.”

It was added that despite the massive influx of inexpensive Chinese furniture in the markets, Pakistani handmade furniture is still admired among masses for its customary designs, durability and quality .He pointed out that furniture exports from Pakistan were hovering between $8.0 million to $12 million per annum which does not reflect even a friction of the actual potential of the furniture industry.