“Chinese Millers Prefer Pakistan Over Bangladesh Or Vietnam”

Lahore: The Pak China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (PCJCCI) newly-elected president said that China’s textile millers in Shandong province are in talks with their Pakistani counterparts for a possible repositioning in .

Wang said that millers now prefer Pakistan over Bangladesh or Vietnam when it comes to investing in the region.

He said, “Pakistan has some advantages, especially for textiles, chemicals and shoe manufacturing sectors.” He added that, “We have contacted Pakistan’s top textile lobbies- All Pakistan Textile Mills Association and Punjab and Trade- and they have expressed an interest in such joint ventures.”

Wang said that Pakistan’s textile sector would be able to upgrade its technology and China can have access to European markets under the country’s Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Plus status.

Wang, who is currently heading a delegation of Chinese companies in Punjab said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will bring other investment avenues as well.

“Fresh investments and joint ventures between different business groups of Pakistan and other nations due to the CPEC initiative could push the investment figure to $100 billion in the future.”

There are 700 small, medium and large scale Chinese companies working in Pakistan, and the number is likely to increase in the coming years.

The PCJCCI is currently examining different sectors like electronics, automotive, education exchange programs, insurance, agriculture and textile for ways to establish a joint link.

“We are expecting to introduce the first Chinese commercial vehicle in Pakistan by the end of next year.”

There is major inflow of Chinese investments in Punjab under CPEC or business-to-business groups and Wang added that Punjab is a big market with over 100 million people, its infrastructure and inter-city connectivity is much better than other provinces.

There is a strong desire on the part of Chinese investors to relocate their units to Pakistan and then send the products back. “This might help the country improve the trade balance in coming years,” Wang added.


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    But Imran khan chairm man of pti doesn’t want nawaz sharif complete see pcec . I think imran khan and indian raw both are against Pakistan.
    I am requesting Pak army please ask imran khan what’s wrong with him why he is against Pakistan. Why he doesn’t that China give us 5 billion usd every year after completing see pcec.


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