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Chinese Tourists Visit Hunza And Marvel At Its Beauty

Hunza: The first Chinese tourist group arrived in Hunza via the Pak-China border enjoyed horse riding over 90 kilometers till Hunza’s highest point of Doekar.

China has opened its land border with Pakistan and allowed tourists to visit the country. The 18-member group included 7 women who relished in the scenic beauty of Hunza and enjoyed rafting at Attabad lake.

“This is my first horse riding experience, on our way we saw a lot of glorious sights” said one Chinese female tourist.

One tourist said that, “I’m glad to come to Pakistan it’s a beautiful place, the mountains, rivers are all beautiful.”

“Long live Pak-China friendship”, chanted the group.

Although each year thousands of tourists visit Hunza however this was the first time China opened its border for tourists to visit Pakistan

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  • Relations between China & Pakistan are boosting day by day causing immense pleasure among the people of Pakistan. Long live friendship of China & Pakistan.