CPEC has Full Support of USA, says Outgoing Consul General

US- china-Pak

Lahore: The US  Consul General Zachary Harkenrider said that the supported democracy in . He said this while answering a question about USA supporting martial law in the country on Thursday. He was asked about the ongoing strained relationship between the two countries and criticism of the think tanks of the country towards Pakistan.  He added that think tank did not represent the policy of the country. He said, “The State Department and Pentagon are on the same page regarding our ties with Pakistan. US’ relations with Pakistan are, in fact, as good right now as they have ever been.”

Efforts of the Pakistan’s General Raheel Shareef were also appreciated and it was said that USA fully supported the . Harkenrider said that USA was not against CPEC and they wanted the country to prosper and grow through the corridor. The energy corridor would help Pakistan to improve the economy which was what USA always wanted. China was also fully informed about the support USA had for CPEC, he said.

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