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CPEC Provides Pak,India Opportunity To Ignore `Bitter Past’


LAHORE, (APP): The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has provided Pakistan and India to get rid of their `bitter past’ and start beggining from a fresh slate.

Chairman Pak India Business Council (PIBC) Noor Muhammad Kasuri said this in an interveiw with APP here on Monday. “CPEC is an opportunity of progress and prospeirty for the whole region and it is up to the political leadership of various countries in the region, how much benefit they want to avail from it”, he said.

He urged the both countries to end hostile enviornment for ensuring development and prosperity in the region. “Hostile environment is among the big hurdles in way of progress of the region and common people are suffering”, he said. He said that both the countries would have to open doors of dialogues and cooperation with each other to find out solutions of their issues.

The PIBC chairman said that South Asian countries were facing challenges of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, disease and terror. He said that these challenges can be countered only through
collective efforts and joining hands with each other and the CPEC is best opportunity in this regard. He said that world now had become a global village and no one could survive in isolation. He said that the PIBC had always been a strong supporter of resolving issues through dialogue.


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