CPEC To Bring 150 Billion Dollars Investment In Country: Khaleej Times Report

IslamabadThe connectivity through CPEC would enhance the trade opportunities for with 70 per cent of the international maritime trade via Pakistan’s two ports Karachi and Gwadar.

The Khaleej Times report said that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is planned to shoot up for a $150 billion investment, and a new whole world of business that will make it the largest in he economic region, as details of its size and stature are unveiled this week.

The plan would be to connect three engines of growth – , China and Central Asian Republics and align them with the entire South, Northern and North-Western regions. Nawaz Sharif said that once CPEC is ready the projects would turn around the economic outlook of the whole region. These remarks came after a day when the Vice Minister of the International Department of the of China, Zheng Xiaosong, stressed that political consensus is essential for fully exploiting the potential of CPEC.

Zheng, while talking with a visiting delegation of the PPP in Beijing, said that, “Political consensus coupled with unanimity in approach is essential to draw the maximum benefits from this mega project which is a game-changer for the region.” These comments are important because they came just days after the Indian PM Narendra Modi accused Pakistan of terrorism in South Asia on the G-20 summit in China


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