CPEC Would End Terrorism, Extremism And Poverty: Shahbaz Sharif


Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that CPEC will play an important role in eliminating terrorism, extremism and poverty in the region. While talking to a delegation of PML-N the chief minister said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor was a splendid project of progress and prosperity and Pakistan and the entire region will benefit from CPEC.

He said CPEC was a game changer and its completion will open a new era of progress and development. He also added that development projects were being executed speedily throughout Pakistan under CPEC.

Shehbaz Sharif said that China was making an historic investment of 46 billion dollars in Pakistan. He said Chinese investment will not be limited to 46 billion dollars but more investment of thousands of dollars would also be made. He said that CPEC opened new doors for foreign investment in Pakistan.

Large-scale job opportunities were being created for Pakistani youth due to the Chinese investment. The new era of Pak-China friendship had started with the implementation of CPEC. Investment of 46 billion dollars reflects the confidence of China in the leadership and policies of the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Work was in progress speedily with high standards which is being ensured by CPEC projects throughout the country. The quality and transparency are the hallmark of these projects. Pak-China economic cooperation would leave a positive impact on the entire region.

Opposition to CPEC projects leads to being the enemy of the country. He said that some rejected elements want to hamper the process of national development and prosperity of the masses but enlightened people of the country will not allow them to do so and CPEC projects will be implemented at any cost.

Under CPEC investment of 36 billion dollars is being made in energy projects, which would be set up in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and other parts of the country. Completion of power projects will eliminate the energy crisis and electricity will be available in abundance till the end of 2017.

Chief Minister said that China realizes the problems in Pakistan and made an investment of billions of dollars in power projects. He said that the speed at which the work is being done on power projects is unprecedented.

The Sahiwal coal power plant is being completed within a record period of 23 months. The Sahiwal coal power plant would prove to be a masterpiece of Pak-China friendship and will start power production by the mid of next year.

The chief minister said that Allah has granted an opportunity for progress and prosperity to Pakistan in the shape of CPEC and there is a need to make collective efforts to change the destiny of Pakistan and this region.