“CPEC Would Help Monitor Unwanted Elements On The Line Of Control (LoC)”

Peshawar: The Pro-Vice Chancellor Islamia College University and an expert on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Prof Dr Naushad Khan said that was very important from the point of view for as it would make the eastern and western border safe and secure.

Dr Naushad Khan said that the security of CPEC routes would be monitored from satellite and hence movement of unwanted elements would closely be watched which would in turn make the eastern and western borders safe from any aggression.

3,218 kilometers route connecting Kashgar China Western Xinjiang region to the port of Gwadar in Balochistan would be monitored through the satellite for security point of view and Pakistan’s borders linking Afghanistan, Iran, India and China would also be watched to avert nefarious designs of enemies.

Dr Naushad said that the movement of unwanted elements on Line of Control (LoC) would also be exclusively monitored from the satellite system specially designed and to be designated for security of CPEC routes and attack on the country would lead to an assault of China.

It was said that CPEC was a game changer project which would change the economic and security paradigm of the country and would make Pakistan safe from external threats. CPEC would be the 8th wonder of the world and would immensely reduce time and space among the regions countries.

Naushad added that CPEC would have very positive effects on KP’s economy, security, transport, energy and transport sectors and the Hattar Industrial Estate at Haripur, tourism, hotel industry, transporters, engineers, businessmen, real-estate business, contractors and the people of every of life would largely benefit from this mega project.

Dr Naushad said (SEZs) on CPEC routes would improve strategic and economic importance of Khyber Pakthunkhwa and FATA and also open job opportunities for KPK people and tribal youth.

He also commented about the propaganda of some politicians against CPEC’s western route and said that negative criticism and propaganda by certain quarters on CPEC should be avoided and unity and cohesion must be demonstrated for successful implementation of this goal-oriented project.

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