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In a series of tweets today, Zhao Lijian, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad explained the share of the four provinces’ in $51.5 billion CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor).

Zhao’s tweets were a response to criticism in the local press and on social media about the Western route of CPEC and alleged absence of CPEC benefits for KPK and Balochistan.

There have been planned protests by against ‘change of Western route of CPEC and deprivation of Pakhtoon and Baloch interests.’

The Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong said to the KPK Chief Minister Pervez Khattak that the rumors that the Western route is not included in CPEC are “untrue”.

According to Zhao, here is the breakup of CPEC projects:

  • Balochistan 16
  • KPK 8
  • Sindh 13
  • Punjab 12

16 projects under CPEC are related to Balochistan, tweets Zhao which are:

  • Khuzdar-Basima Highway (N-30)
  • I.Khan-Quetta Highway (N-50)
  • Hubco Coal Power Plant
  • Gwadar Power Plant
  • Gwadar-Nawabshah LNG Terminal and Pipeline
  • Gwadar Eastbay Expressway
  • Gwadar New International Airport
  • Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan
  • Expansion of Multi-purpose Terminal including Breakwater & Dredging
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants for Gwadar City
  • Gwadar Primary School
  • Gwadar Hospital Upgradation
  • Gwadar Technical & Vocational College
  • Gwadar Eastbay Expressway II
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Gwadar Free Zone

Zhao tweeted that, “I used five tweets to name the CPEC projects in Balochistan. Is Balochistan short of CPEC projects?”

Zhao also tweetsed about KPK and wrote that eight projects are under CPEC in KPK which are:

  • Joint Feasibility Study for Upgradation of ML1
  • Establishment of Havelian Dry Port
  • KKH II (Havelian-Thakot)
  • Upgradation of ML-1
  • KKH III (Raikot-Thakot)
  • I.Khan-Quetta Highway (N-50)
  • Suki Kinari Hydropower Project
  • Optical Fiber Cable from Rawapindi to Khunjrab

Zhao also tweeted about Sindh and wrote that 13 CPEC projects are related to Sindh which are:

  • Matiari-Lahore Transmission Line
  • Matiari-Faisalabad Transmission Line
  • Port Qasim Power Plant
  • Engro Thar & Surface Mine in Block II of Field
  • Dawood Wind Farm
  • Jhimpir Wind Farm
  • Sachal Wind Farm
  • China-Sunec Wind Farm
  • Upgradation of ML-1
  • Thar Coal Block I & Mine Mouth Power Plant
  • Gwadar-Nawabshah LNG Terminal & Pipeline
  • Karachi-Lahore Motorway (Sukkur-Multan)
  • Joint Feasibility Study for Upgradation of ML1

 Zhao wrote that Punjab has 12 projects under CPEC which are:

  • Optical Fiber Cable from Rawapindi to Khunjrab
  • Haier & Ruba Economic Zone II
  • Karachi-Lahore Motorway (Sukkur-Multan)
  • Joint Feasibility Study for Upgradation of ML1
  • Upgradation of ML-1
  • Sahiwal Coal-Fired Power Plant
  • Rahimyar Khan Coal Power Plant
  • Karot Hydro-Power Plant
  • Lahore Orange Line Metro Train
  • Matiari-Lahore Transmission Line
  • Matiari-Faisalabad Transmission Line
  • Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park in Bahawalpur

China has invested $14 billion in 30 early-harvest projects which are to be completed under CPEC, a flagship project of the One Belt One Road initiative launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Deputy Chief of Mission Zhao Lijian said that out of 30 projects, 16 are under construction.


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  • We feel a deep gratitude with excitation to have such an infrastructure being developed in our country. It shall considerably assist Chinese with their goals of economic developments and trade whereas Pakistan will itself be able to fetch a sufficient benefit, yet the eradication of poverty and illiteracy cannot be expected from the project. Power projects endorsed by China, if bring renewable energy to us would be more appreciated as the Chinese power equipment cannot be driven by the coal which we extract in our country. The road connecting China with the warm waters of Arabian sea via Pakistan will bear a huge volume of traffic powered by hydrocarbons which is a big threat of environmental pollution especially, for an agricultural country. The project marked another history of mutual cooperation from a general perspective of a layman but I urge neglecting the ecological aspect brought a question mark on Chinese intentions. Is the relation of China with Pakistan if looked from Chinese perspective, is just trade oriented in their own favor? The project would definitely enhance the bilateral ties to a very next level if Chinese would announce a projects of making the lands fertile, projects of forestation or those which may counter the air pollution

  • its particular blessings of ALLAH SWT.
    It will creat a new PAKISTAN in Shaw ALLAH SWT

  • This project will not only strengthen Pak-China friendship but also the economy of Pakistan and hegemony of China in the area.
    Hope it will prove a boon for the people of Pakistan and equally well an economic activity for the rest of the neighbouring countries.

  • God bless Pak China Friendship. May all these projects will be executed smoothly. Pakistan Zindabad.

  • What about DI khan – Burhan motorway/highway?is it the part of CPEC, you did not mention.

  • Excellency, the Chinese Ambassador, the details of Projects, route wise, clarifies the doubts raised by the provincial governments and few political parties. Thankyou.

  • Pak-China Friendship forever 🙂
    In short Iron-Brothers !!

    China knows Pakistan is Trusted and Brave Nation, Pakistan knows China is Sincere and true friend.

    We love you China.

    Regards : Pakistan (KPK)

  • some duplications are visible.Information is very good and harmonising.The question of prioritising them matters a lot.I think the deprived should be provided these facilities first.

  • Well, 49 projects for 4 provinces !!!

    Where is the share of Gilgit-Baltistan in the projects???

    How wonder is that!!!

  • It is a comprehensive list of works to be undertaken for CPEC.There can’t be any objection to projects that were agreed upon by the provinces, unless they were not consulted at the planning stage.

  • I am surprised to know all that. My question is “Where is GB”. Government and administration of pakistan is found to be saying again and again that “CPEC will bring economic reforms in GB”. There is not a single project for GB…. If the situation continues this is going to hurt Patriotic People of GB. There might be a situation like Baluchistan, Because one cant deceive GB where 99% people are literate and aware of Rights in CPEC. Government must revise mega projects allocation over Pakistan.

    • Mr. Taimoor: Please have details from CM/GB regarding CPEC in GB. I heard CM/GB on TV describing in details the projects going on in GB. Thanks

  • Strange response from Chines representative, seems to have been prepared by Ahsan Iqbal . Projects of Baluchisitan include project like … Primary School at Gawadar ….. and KPK projects include projects such as fiber optic cable form Khunjarab to Gawadar . Is that specific to KPK. Whether that should be counted in the projects of KPK.. strange very strange … why number have been given why not its value and cost ignored. Projects like primary school cannot be considered equal to Motorway from Lahor to Mutan. Motorway from Multan to Sukkur. Lahore orange line ,which cost billons instead of few lacs.

  • There was only one existing Dryport at Sost Hunza in Gilgitbaltistan. Now according to this the dry port will also shift to KPK and people of GB will only inhale the dust of Trucks.

    • fuck you punjab and PMLN….there is nothing for KPK in CPEC better to cut out KPK from Pakistan.MR zao thinks all Pakistanis are ass holes just like punjabis but you are wrong monkey man.you have fucking mentioned punjab fiber optic from rawalpindi kho khinjrab and other two projects in KPK and as well as in Punjab.who are playing with

    • Don’t worry, next objection will be this: Gwadar is not Baluchistan. Why all the projects are based in Baluchistan. These people will never be satisfied.

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