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Google Translate App Now Unblocked In China

Google Translate

SHANGHAI, (APP/AFP) – Google on Wednesday made available in China a new version of its translation app. Google shut down its website in 2010, moving its Chinese search service from mainland China to Hong Kong and most of its offerings have remained blocked by Beijing.

Chinese have for years been able to utilise a web-based version of Google Translate, but the mobile app has required the use of virtual private network (VPN) software to get around the “Great Firewall”, China’s huge system of online censorship.

“Today we’re releasing version 5.8 of the Google Translate apps for Android and iOS, adding instant visual
translation between English and Korean, as well as an improved experience for users in China,” Google announced in a blog post.

It provided a link for Android downloads, while saying iPhone users can search Apple’s app store.


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