Government Asked To Give Details Of CPEC Deal To Senate


Islamabad: The Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani said to the government to present details of the agreement regarding the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The senate gave the ruling after there was a marathon debate on Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldin’s motion about the salient points of agreement between Pakistan and China. Minister Ahsan Iqbal should brief the senate on either Thursday or Friday it was said.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Sheikh Aftab said that CPEC was a national project and no step should be against the interest of any province. It was also said that the project was not meant for the development of one province but it focused on collective economic development of the country.

The Economic zones being made in CPEC would be consulting the chief ministers of all the provinces which would add to the development of the region. It was further added that the project cost up to 46 billion dollars out of which 34 billion dollars were for the energy projects which wasn’t meant for one province but the whole country. The amount that is given is not considered a loan but Chinese financial institutions would assist their companies to form joint ventures with local companies in Pakistan. There was work being done on coal, wind and solar projects under CPEC and two projects of 1320MW would be completed in 2017.660 MW projects in Thar and 1320 MW coal project in Sahiwal would be completed in 2017.

All these projects were a representation of the fact that none of the projects were being ignored. Land was also being acquired for hydel project in Sakki, Menshra which would produce 870MW. It was also said that 720MW and 1100MW projects would be started in Kirot, Azad Kashmir and Kohala. Another 400MW solar power project would be completed in Bhawalpur which was currently producing 100MW and would have full capacity by 2017. Jamper project in Thatta of 200MW would also be completed soon.

One route would also start from Khunjrab to Burhan which would pass through five districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. E-35 would be completed from Burhan-Havelian which would reduce the distance from Hazara to other areas of KPK. As a part of the western route a road was built from Burhan but work has also started now from Hakala to Dera Ismail Khan. It was added that out of five contracts three of them had been awarded and the road from Dera Ismail Khan would go to Zhob and then to Gwadar. The project is said to be completed in two years.

Gwadar currently had 3 berths but a total of 80 would be built. The Gwadar airport would cost up to 22 billion rupees and two dams are also being made for water storage. Power plants which have the capacity of 3000MW which would be built in Gwadar and a LNG terminal would also be made. Hospital for better health facilities was also being built and the government would be announcing incentives for foreign investments soon like tax free zones.

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