CPEC Route

Government Misleading Chinese Authorities On CPEC: Corridor Front

Peshawar: The members of the Corridor Front have said that the federal government has dodged the government on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Members insisted that peaceful completion of the project was only possible if the government would stick to the original route of .

It was said that no one could guarantee the successful completion of CPEC until and unless the people of and Pakhtuns were kept in the loop. It was further added that the federal government was misleading the Chinese government since the new route was 1200 miles longer than the original planned route. There was also a threat proposed of a sit in outside the Chinese embassy and Chief Minister house if the concerns of the people of Balochistan and Pakhtuns were not addressed.

Dr. Said Alam Mehsud, member of the corridor said, “No Pakistani will resist CPEC, since it is a game-changer for the region, we would like to tell the Chinese government to invest in it, once Pukhtun and Baloch residents are taken into confidence.”

Mehsud also dismissed the notion about the Quetta attack being an attack to sabotage CPEC and he said that the armed forces should mediate the situation instead of becoming a concerned party. He added, “Prime Minister has proved to be the prime minister of Punjab only,” and, “the armed forces should belong to the whole country and not discriminate between regions.”

Corridor front members said that the forces should not follow those who were trying to make CPEC a dispute. Mehsud added, “People have not yet forgotten Kalabagh Dam and CPEC should not become the next Kalabagh.”

The Awami National Party –Wali leader Fareed Tufan said that there was no alternative to the original route of CPEC. He said, “I wonder who will guarantee CPEC’s peaceful completion if Pukhtun and the people of Balochistan are ignored and its benefits not shared with us.”

Major political parties were also invited to join the conference.

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