Hearts of Pakistanis and Chinese Beat Together: Sardar Ayaz Sadiq


Islamabad: The Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that the hearts of both Pakistanis and Chinese people are beating together and their destiny is also similar. He said that the mutually beneficial collaboration is based on a wide range of projects in all geographical terrains, which is from the heights of Karakoram to the waters of the Arabian Sea. This was said while speaking at the Forum of Textile and Garments Industry Development.

Ayaz Sadiq stated that Pakistan’s relations with China and especially the are really strong since trade and cooperation on the socio economic fronts have been increasing and looks forward to the , which would turn the region into a gateway to Central and South Asia.

He added that the textile industry has been the mainstay of the economy and exports in Pakistan. The sector is providing livelihood to more than 10 million farming families and accounts for 40% of industrial employment.

The Speaker added that the government of Pakistan is currently working on improving the textile industry and its value chain with various initiatives which includes energy projects, infrastructural and manpower development.

A pro-business investment policy remains a central plank of Pakistan’s strategy. The investment policy of the government provides 100% equity ownership, full repatriation of capital, tax breaks, customs duty concessions on the import of plant, machinery and raw materials said the Speaker.


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