Important Announcement By China About Relations With Pakistan

Beijing: China is happy to have good relations with its neighbors especially Pakistan and Russia. Jin Canrong, senior official of Center of America Studies at the Renmin Univeristy of China said, “Of the 20 neighboring countries, China has good relations with the majority, especially Pakistan and Russia. The main issues come from two countries – Japan and the Philippines.” China has time and time again tried its best to have no issues and good bilateral ties with its neighbors. China always asks for peaceful resolutions even with Philippines and Japan.

Pakistan was quoted as the best example in country to country relationship at the state and people to people level. China and Japan on the other had issues on the Diaoyu Islands in 2012 and after Japan took keen interest in the South China Sea Dispute and asked China to accept the decision made, tensions have been high. The Korean Peninsula is also of great significance since the development of nuclear weapons by North Korea is a threat to China’s security said Jia Qingguo, the dean of the School of International Studies at Perking Univeristy. Jia added that, “As for the East and South China Seas, we need to better manage the differences and prevent it from affecting China’s overall diplomacy and China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative.”

Analysts have said that China’s foreign policy is now more proactive due to the changes happening in the domestic and external environments. China’s peripheral diplomacy would now be more complicated with the South China Sea ruling and the deployment of US defense shield on the Korean Peninsula.

China will now be hosting the G20 summit from September 4th to 5th in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Jin Canrong said, “It may be too early to draw any conclusions on how things will pan out, as we are yet to see what effect the G20 will have, but the situation this year is definitely more complicated than in previous years. Some issues have been imposed on us against our will.”  The meeting is said to be the, “biggest diplomatic event of the year” for China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping would be holding bilateral talks with various head of states which includes US President Barack Obama. “China wishes to stabilize Sino-US relations before Obama leaves the Oval Office. With Sino-US ties stabilized, China would have at least half of its geopolitical environment under control,” Jin said. In July, USA and South Korea announced their decision to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery in South Korea by the end of next year as deterrence against North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests.  The decision was opposed by China and Russia as THAAD can be also used as a radar to spy on neighboring countries’ activities.

The South China Sea dispute has caused rifts between China and certain Southeast Asian countries, said analysts and China has been working hard to de-escalate the tensions. An open initiation was also given from China’s foreign Ministry to Philippines president special envoy Fidel Ramoin Being. “Believing China is now strong and powerful, many no longer wish to put aside disputes as they used to and want to consolidate their interests with the help of the US.”