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Indian Road Project Threatens Border Stability: Experts

BEIJING, Jan 4 (APP): An Indian road construction project connecting all border posts along the China-India frontier could lead to new military standoffs between , Chinese experts have warned.

Indian Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, during his New Year visit to the “Indo-Tibet Border Police” at Along valley in Uttarkashi district bordering China, said that a number of border posts had already been connected with roads and many would soon be linked.

“This would enhance the operational efficiency of the officers and reduce mountain-related sickness among them,” he added. He also promised that special lightweight winter clothing, snow scooters, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and mountaineering equipment would be provided to the border troops.

Wang Dehua, head of the Institute for South and Central Asian Studies at the Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies, told the that India was clearly preparing for war, and it was drawing much experience from the defeat it swallowed in 1962 when it lacked such an infrastructure.

The road infrastructure would surely enhance Indian border force maneuverability, but also increase the possibility of confrontations between the patrols of the two countries as the border issues remain unsettled in many of these areas, Qian Feng, a researcher at the Chinese Association for Studies and a senior fellow of Tsinghua University’s National Strategy Institute commented.

It also showed the double-faced nature of the Modi administration as it promised to safeguard the stability of the border area, but had instead continued to prepare for military operations against China, Qian added.
According to Qian, such a mentality would make it more difficult to improve Sino-Indian ties.

China and India have established a border management mechanism, through which both sides are expected to handle border issues.

Both sides have an interest in safeguarding peace and stability along the border areas between China and India, Geng Shuang, a spokesperson, said during the daily press conference.

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