Infrastructure Development Projects Started Under CPEC

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The work on the infrastructure development under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is in full swing. The project also has a motorway between Karachi and Lahore which would be eleven hundred kilometers long. It is said that thirty six billion rupees would be spent on the section of Karachi-Hyderabad and two hundred fifty nine billion would be spent on Sukkur-Multan section.

The Karachi-Peshawar main railway line would also be upgraded which would make sure trains could travel on one hundred and sixty kilometers. The project would be completed by December 2019. Karakoram Highway between and Chinese border would be reconstructed and overhauled and which would transport oil and gas would also be laid. A pipeline worth two point five billion dollars would be laid between Gwadar and which would get gas from Iran.

These projects would help to boost the economy on a whole new level and would also help in controlling unemployment and poverty.

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