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Japan Has Its Independent Foreign Policy, Doesn’t Follow US: Japanese Envoy

ISLAMABAD,  (APP):Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan Takashi Kurai said that does not follow USA as it has its own independent foreign policy that revolves around the mutual interests. He was speaking in a ‘Public Talk’ arranged by the (ISSI) under the topic of “Japan-Pakistan Relationship: 65 years and beyond” here on Tuesday.Takashi Kurai said that Japan believes in cooperation with every nation weather it’s USA or any other country. “We believe in increasing the mutual interests and corporation with all and well, he added.Replying to a question he said Japan do not have any intentions to link its economic policy to a specific issue, we believe to provide assistance in all scenarios weather its terrorism or any natural calamity.

He said Japan’s security policy is to always help the countries with internal security matters and we do not intend to do it alone but with the help of other countries.Responding to a question about CPEC he said that Japan believes that CPEC is a potential project. It will connect the region and will provide it with economic stability. He, however, emphasized that transparency regarding this project should be maintained. “Japan is in favor of every mutual agreement between the countries that deals with the hope of progressive future”, he added.

Replying to a question about Indian atrocities Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), he said Japan does not involve in the territorial disputes between the two countries. “However, we are very concerned over the human right situation in Kashmir and understand Pakistan’s apprehension regarding the issue”, he added. He said Pakistan and Japan needs to increase the mutual cooperation in fields of energy, textile, education and economy.

Takashi said that we recognize e that due to Pakistan’s geo-political importance, it can play significant role in regional stability. “We also recognize the role Pakistan has been playing in the war on terror and all the efforts it has carried out to curb the menace of terrorism”, said Japanese envoy. He reiterated that Japan will continue to support Pakistan’s efforts towards further democratization, rule of law and structural reforms.

“We also appreciate the recent improvements in security situation and efforts that Pakistan has made to increase the cooperation for international security,” he added. He also briefed the audiences about the brief history and ups and downs that Pak-Japan relationship has been witnessing since the start of their diplomatic ties.

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