KPK Government Calls For APC Over CPEC’s Route

Peshawar: It was said that the explanation given by China in regards to CPEC’s western route has added to the miseries of the Khyber Pakhtwankhwa government and that is why an ‘All Parties Conference’ would been summoned to discuss the matter in full detail.

The KP government and other party leaders are not aware whether the western route of CPEC would be complete or not.

To discuss the matter in detail and give out a clear message to the federal government, the provincial government has decided to summon the ‘All Parties Conference’ in this regard.

The recent protest rally by Awami National Party (ANP) against ignoring KPK in CPEC’s route can also be considered as an alarming sign for the KPK government and its policies. However, Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamhuri Watan Party are on the same page with the provincial government.

The Parliamentary Leader for PML-N Aurangzeb Nalotha is of the opinion that action will be taken according to the decisions taken in the ‘All Parties Conference’.

It seems that the provincial government of PTI is leaving no stones unturned in bringing an all the parties conference.