Pakistan Favorite Destination Of Chinese Businessmen


Islamabad: had turned into a favorite destination for the Chinese people in terms of business and investments being done under the and initiative. People to people contacts between both the countries have been enhanced and the number of Chinese people travelling to Pakistan has also increased. Mostly these people are involved in CPEC related projects and according to a survey there has been a 100 percent increase of travelling index on both sides.

After the recent visit of the the number of workers and business men travelling has increased and due to which the Sino- Pak economic partnership has also strengthened. There were about 20 agreements and MoU signed after which the people to people contacts in the two countries increased rapidly.

CPEC has not only resulted in Chinese companies doing business in Pakistan but also education opportunities being created in China for the youth of Pakistan. In the last two years the number of scholarship ratios to Pakistani students has also increased considerably. Development and cultural and social changes have also increased considerably.

China visa policies were relaxed and Pakistani business men were encouraged to set business and houses in China. The survey which is based on interviews of Chinese and Pakistani notables indicted there are further future prospects for improving connectivity of the people. One Chinese chief marketing officer said that, “We are highly motivated by our top-leadership establishing business linkages with the Pakistani counterparts.”

Another Chinese business man said that since investments and security in Pakistan has improved due to this they feel safer to travel and invest in the country and this would further enhance brotherly relations between the two countries. Travel agents have reported that there have been a number of customers who are visiting Pakistan recently.

One Pakistani business men stated that Chinese companies are even considering to shift their factories to Pakistan under CPEC. Soft loans are also being provided to establish business in Pakistan by Chinese banks.

CPEC has led Pakistan to become one of the best destinations for investment from China and Central Asia. Job opportunities have been created through the projects and the economies of both the countries would become advanced due to CPEC. The Chinese media is also encouraging its civilians to come invest in Pakistan.

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