Orange Line Metro Train To turn Lahore Into Top 10 Asian Cities



Lahore: The Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Khawaja Ahmed Hassaan said in an interview that the government was committed to turning Lahore into a top Asian metropolis with the best civic facilities. He said that big cities depended on connectivity, strengthening of economic circle and provision of easy and speedy access to workplaces, and the mass transit system has been part and parcel of development in all modern cities.

Khawaja Hassaan is the chairman of Steering Committee on Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) and he said that projects like metro train have been launched for fast transportation and communication facilities for masses and development of businesses. He said that the government moved ahead with the Metro train project, since it fulfilled the criteria set by the environment assessment agencies and the train is likely to save the public from traffic blocks.

He said that the OLMT project has created thousands of jobs, boosted economic activity and strengthened Pak-China bilateral ties. Hassaan said 250,000-300,000 commuters would benefit from the facility daily and the Metro Train would prove to be a speedy and punctual mode of transportation for the people.

He further added that the project would go a long way in realizing the dream of Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif to serve the masses and turn the city into one of the top 10 Asian cities, adding that effective means of communication and transportation, sanitation, health and education facilities were priorities of the government as well.