WikiLeaks Claims US, UK Stole Data Of Pakistani Voters

LONDON: The United States of America and United Kingdom (UK) had stolen data of Pakistani voters, claimed WikiLeaks, citing a cable in 2009 from US Embassy in Islamabad.According to a WikiLeaks tweet, US and MI6 set up a front company – International Identity Services —

Israel Backs Saudi Arabia In Confrontation With Qatar

Israeli officials have gleefully endorsed the position of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in a growing confrontation with Qatar, the most public acknowledgment yet of the deepening alliance between certain Gulf states and Tel Aviv over their common enmity towards Iran. Meanwhile, evidence

First Look: This is Pakistan’s Biggest Maritime Patrol Vessel

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency’s (PMSA) is expected to get six Maritime Patrol Vessels (MPVs) – two large 1,500 ton and four medium sized 600-ton – from China. Today, first photos of Pakistan Maritime’s largest patrol vehicle have emerged on the internet. Pictures of a 1,500

Karachi-Hyderabad: M-9 Likely To Be Opened On August 14

The National Highway Authority (NHA) is all set to complete the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway (M-9) by August this year, almost seven months ahead of its scheduled completion date. The project is likely to be inaugurated on August 14, well before the time in view of its

Swedish Auto Maker Scania To Start Operations In Pakistan

Swedish Auto Maker #Scania to Start Operations in #Pakistan Swedish truck maker, Scania, is interested in entering the Pakistani market. Encouraged by Pakistan’s investment potential and the rapid growth of the heavy vehicle market, Scania will bring in their series of premium trucks, truck-tractors, buses

Railways To Receive 23 GE Locomotives by July

ISLAMABAD, June 9 (APP): Pakistan Railways will receive 23 locomotives from United States company General Electric by July this year. According to official sources, General Electric had already delivered 32 locomotives to Pakistan Railways as part of the agreement signed between the two sides two

Pak-China Collaboration On Cultural Aspects Vital

LAHORE, June 9 (APP): Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) founder and presdient Shah Faisal Afridi has proposed setting up Pak-China Cultural Streets both in Pakistan and China to pave the way for Pak-China Cultural Corridor. Talking to a 12-member Chinese delegation, headed

Salient Features Of KP Budget 2017-18

PESHAWAR, June 7 (APP): The salient features of KP budget 2017-18 announced by KP Finance Minister Muzaffar Said has discussed below. 1. The total outlay of the budget 2017-18 is Rs603billion with 19pc increase against current fiscal budget of Rs505billion. 2. Rs208billion allocated for development