Pak-China Cooperation Would Lead To A Better Tomorrow: Ambassador Sun Weidong


Islamabad: The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong while inaugurating the CPEC Summit said that China-Pakistan cooperation would have a better future and benefits for the people due to strong political ties as the guarantee and deep friendship as the support.
He said that, “As a Chinese saying goes, “A big tree grows from a downy tip”. The promotion of CPEC today will help sow the seeds of hope for the grand forest of China-Pakistan friendship tomorrow,”

CPEC was termed as an unprecedented undertaking in the history of China-Pakistan relations and the completion of the project required pioneering spirit, courage for struggle and perseverance. “We should hold the common development as our maximum common interests and build more momentum for the promotion of community of shared destiny of our two countries”, said the ambassador.

The ambassador told the audience that he had personally visited many CPEC projects such as Port Qasim Coal-powered Plant and Gwadar projects.

He said, “The Chinese enterprises are advancing the projects with high quality and standard.” Sun Weidong added that the Chinese engineers were working professionalism, great tenacity and sincere devotion. “This is our commitment to the Pakistani friends. We sincerely hope to see a peaceful, stable and prosperous Pakistan and are ready to work with you to achieve the dream of national development and people’s well-being.”

It was said that China was making its own contribution to the development of the world and China founded the Silk Road Fund and vouched for the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. He said, “China supports the Belt and Road Initiative and construction of transport infrastructure, so as to promote regional connectivity and economic development.”

The ground-breaking ceremonies were held for the Karot Hydropower project which was the first Silk road Fund financed project and the M4 (Shorkot-Khanewal Section) national motorway project which was funded by AIIB. These projects would help Pakistan in promotion of development of energy, and infrastructure.

CPEC has now entered into full implementation and is making smooth progress in general. CPEC covered projects like energy, roads, railways, ports, optic fibre, oil and gas pipelines along with industrial parks and many others.

Sun Weidong said in the Summit that CPEC was a framework of cooperation. The Chinese government is encouraging qualified and competent enterprises to make investments in Pakistan and explore the opportunities of industrial cooperation, technology and development.

CPEC is also about project of livelihood. It is aimed to bring tangible benefits to the people and give a sense of ownership. The project has already created plenty of job opportunities for the people.