Pak Farmers Can Fasten Vegetables Growth, Control Deserts By Learning From China

URUMQI-Xinjiang-China, May 19 (APP): Farmers of can fasten growth of vegetables and also reclaim lands under sand and desert area by learning from research work and technology available in autonomous region of . Talking to APP, Chinese experts Friday said this at the occasion of media event attended by 23 countries. Project Manager Xinjiang Rival Tech Co Jane Liu said the farmers in Pakistan can reduce growth period of vegetables in winter by using China’s durable multi-functional and ultra wide agricultural green house film (plastic sheets). She said the company has produced more scientific light transmittance film which can shorten the growth cycle of vegetables from two to three weeks as compared to other green house film. “This is a remarkable difference in growth of greenhouse vegetable,” she said. To a query, she said cost of the said film is higher than normal one but its life is also three to six years longer. ” Optimization formula used for it, can significantly lower the odds of plant diseases, insects and pests and greatly reduces pesticides usage, she said. It’s highest automation configuration also lowers the labour cost of farmers, she added. The project manager further said the will play a very significant role in promotion of business with other countries including China with Pakistan and through Pakistan. “This will also help promotion of various sectors of Pakistan’s economy including agriculture one”, she said. Xinjiang autonomous region is next door neighbour to Pakistan and both have many similarities and can make a win win cooperation, she concluded. Deputy General Manager of Yexil Bio a leading biotech company of Xinjiang Akbar said his company can help controlling deserts in Pakistan and can convert them into fertile lands, He said, “For this purpose our researchers use natural remedies and try to do treatment of land with minimum use of chemicals.” He said one time investment is needed on desert lands for their reclamation. “Its impact remains for years and years there till the formation made by the experts is not removed,” he added.

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