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Pak Navy Ship To Arrive In Shanghai Port On Goodwill, Training Mission

SHANGHAI, (APP): A Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Saif will arrive here on Thursday for a goodwill visit and part of the Pakistan-China joint naval exercise. The ship commanded by Captain Shahzad Iqbal will be accorded a warm welcome upon its arrival at the naval port, official sources told here on Sunday.

The welcome ceremony to be participated by a large number of senior officials and diplomats from both the friendly countries will be held in the harbor. Upon completion of the goodwill visit, the ship, a sword class F22 P frigates of origin, will leave the port and take part in a training mission along with of Navy in the sea.

The men and officers of the visiting ship are also expected to hold professional discussions and interactions with their compatriots from the PLA Navy on subjects of mutual interest. The PNS Saif is equipped with state of the art weapons, sensors and machinery, making it capable of undertaking a variety of maritime operations.


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