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Pakistan To Get 8800MW Of Nuclear Energy By 2030

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Beijing: should deepen their cooperation in terms of nuclear energy by using it peacefully said Mr. Yang Chaodong, the President of high profile China National Nuclear Cooperation (CNNC). He also appreciated the role played by the who were trying that the derailment of the 2200MW K-2, K-3 Nuclear Power plants built by the CNNC does not occur. It was said that some conspirators had created fear in the minds of the civilians about leakages and meltdowns in the plant however this is not the case.

Mr. Yang Chaodong said that when visited Pakistan in 2015 both the governments had signed cooperation agreements in which 20 energy projects were being developed which will have a total capacity of 16400MW and in these projects an early harvest was being done of 10400MW which would be finished by the year 2018. It was said that nuclear power Chashma C1 and C2 gives 325MW which are already operational and C3 and C4 were under construction and would be completed by 2016 and 2017. The total accumulative capacity would then be 1300MW.

CNNC is a extra state enterprise which is under the control of the government and is one of the main developers of nuclear power science and technology and exporter of nuclear plants. It has over 100 enterprises and the scientific research institutions are located in 20 provinces with a staff of 100,000. Mr. Yang further added that Nuclear power is recovering at a new stage and more than 70 countries are working to develop the nuclear energy. It was also said that 40 of these countries are on the initiative. Also by the year 2020 130 nuclear power plants would be made globally and by 2030 it would be 300. Using nuclear energy would also result in tackling climate change in the globe.

China is all set to build 6 to 8 nuclear power plant units each year and CNNC would also build more nuclear power plants for China.

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