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Pakistan Has Vast Potential For Investment: Senior Pakistani Diplomat

CHICAGO, Jan 20 (APP): Pakistan’s economy is fast growing as a result of its investment-friendly policies, a senior Pakistani diplomat told an American audience on Friday. Consul-General Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, who was speaking at a seminar on , also spoke about the vast potential of investment in the country for international businesses and said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPEC) will turn the country into a regional trading hub and a lucrative market for foreign direct investment.

The seminar was organized by the Pakistan Consulate in Chicago in collaboration with the Central Asian Productivity Research Center (CAPRC), a strategic alliance of professionals representing government, business, and academia from nations along the region. The event was attended by Professor Harry Lepinske, Chairman CAPRC, Thomas Choi, Public Engagement Manager at the Office of the Governor of Illinois, Ms. Laura Ortega, Executive Director of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Margo Markopoulos, Director Office of Trade and Investment Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Ahmed S. Khan, a Professor at DeVry , Timothy J. Sanders, Director of Engagement at Purdue University, Jamaluddin Husain, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Purdue University besides a large number of business and investment experts.

Before the start of the seminar, Prof. Lepinske and members of CPARC presented its annual report in which they highlighted the business and tourism potential of the Silk Route countries. A special report about tourism opportunities and tourist destinations of Pakistan was also presented by the members of CPARC. Brent Edward Huffman, a Professor at Northwestern University and renowned director, writer, and cinematographer of documentaries and television programmes, who is currently working on a documentary, gave a PowerPoint presentation about the Chinese investment in Pakistan. In his PowerPoint presentation titled “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR), Consul General Tirmizi highlighted its importance for the economic development of the region. He also briefed them about CEPEC, a flagship project of OBOR, and its affiliated transportation infrastructure and energy projects.

He said that this project would not only boost the economies of Pakistan and China but would have a positive effect on other , including Iran, Sri Lanka and the Persian Gulf region.
While speaking about Pakistan’s efforts to facilitate international tourists, Consul General Tirmizi told the audience that tourists from 24 countries, including the United States, can get a visa on arrival at Pakistani airports, a move that would immensely facilitate international tourists wishing to explore unique tourist sites and landscapes of Pakistan. Last year 1.7 million foreign tourists visited Pakistan whereas this number is likely to reach 3 million in 2018. Due to better economic, social and security situation of the country, he said, the northern areas of Pakistan received 30 million domestic tourists in 2017.

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