PCJCCI President speaks to young Entrepreneurs Learning Chinese Language

Shah Faisal Afridi, President Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) had a discussion with the Chinese language Class under the PCJCCI where he emphasized the need to learn the Chinese language. He said that the Chinese language was being learned by the Pakistani youth so that they could share their innovative ideas easily with their Chinese counterparts.  It was said that the entrepreneurial culture should also be enhanced with the help of China and the youth should not just focus on getting jobs in multinational firms.

He added that the Pakistani youth should take advantage of the current economic scenario and give their entire energy in entrepreneurial projects when the government is aiding them. The country it was said needs innovative business ideas instead of the workers with the same skill. Entrepreneurs were appreciated in the lecture and their role was recognized as well. It was said that business plans of these individuals provide jobs and unique services and goods to the people which leads to a better quality of live and economic freedom within the country.

The world is now a consumer society and role of entrepreneur is very important in making valuable products for the comfort of people. The GNP of a country is based on the total number of products and services available in a country and the more products and services are available the higher would be the GNP. Efficiency and competition also increases as a result of more business activity in the country.

Afridi thought that the common problem of young entrepreneurs is that they are confused and the younger generation is not confident about their success. This he thought could be because they aren’t really interested in the field and the product they are selling.

According to Afridi if an individual has been able to identify the crucial problems which they can effectively execute and deliver then a real business can be created. It was said that the current government is keen on facilitating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs by conceiving, engineering and building new products and services for the global marketplace. Entrepreneurial and small technology businesses are being promoted by the government. Government recognizes the potential of entrepreneurs which would create solutions that can transform Pakistan and generate new jobs for young graduates.

Pakistan must follow this trend to become a nation of entrepreneurs and not a nation of demographic breeders he said and action must be taken from both the government and the talented fresh minds.


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