People Making CPEC Controversial Working On Foreign Agenda: Muqam

cpecPESHAWAR (APP): Advisor to PM, Engr. Amir Muqam on Wednesday said that certain elements making controversial, were in fact working on foreign agenda and not well-wishers of Pakistan.

He said that obstructing this mega project would amount to impeding overall progress. India was opposed to the project as after completion, it would change the destiny of Pakistani nation, he added.

“A handful of elements have again come out and are misleading the nation on CPEC,” he said, adding work on western route was underway at , Yarak, Rehmanikhel, Mianwali, Pindigheb and Jhand sections.

Talking to media persons, he said that those who were harboring controversies were only diverting attention of the masses from important issues in Khyber Pakthunkhwa as the ruling alliance in KP had failed to deliver. He said federal government was working to usher in a new era of prosperity and development in the country, adding CPEC would be a milestone to achieve the objective.

The PM Advisor said that if completion of the project was jeopardized, it would certainly affect country’s progress and growth, however all the concerned could forward their proposals and suggestions to the Government.

He recalled that had taken the political leadership into confidence by convening all parties conferences for several times and even then any leader had any reservations or solid proposal, he might put up it at any forum. Any attempt to impede the smooth process of CPEC or any other project would amount to obstructing the national development process, he added.

To a question about propaganda of some politicians against CPEC’s western route, Muqam suggested that criticism and propaganda should be avoided and unity and cohesion must be demonstrated for successful implementation of this goal-oriented project for bright future of upcoming generations.

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  • Well, we all knows who they are… these elements are on the pay-role of enemies of Pakistan.
    For money, they can go to any extend rather they can sell-out their mother to Hindu and Jews, which they have done in the case of Kalabagh dam project.
    Those who are barking against this CPEC project, just check their back-ground. They are the generation of those harram khor who were against Pakistan. They have their properties in abroad, but enjoying the legacy in serving our Parliament, yet these s*n of b*tch are working against Pakistan.

    Sab Se Pehle Pakistan… if any a** h*le against Pakistan, then he should be hanged till death. period!

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