Pervez Khattak Asks The Government To Declare Western Route As Part Of CPEC

Peshawar: The Chief Minister of KPK asked the federal government to declare the western route as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) while talking to the bureau chiefs of electronic media channels at the Chief Minister’s House.

The chief minister said he recalled that the prime minister at the all parties conference had agreed to declare the western route as the shortest route and part of CPEC but he said unfortunately the signals from different quarters indicated otherwise.

He said it would be a violation of the prime minister’s commitment if the western route was not part of CPEC. Pervez Khattak said that it was within the Constitution to raise their voice for the rights of the province and it was legal and justifiable to secure the rights of the province.

He asked the federal government to sit with the and make the western route part of the CPEC since ignoring the smaller federating units in the mega project would be a great injustice.

He said, “If the western route is not declared part of the CPEC, we will have the right to convene all parties conference to form a united front for making the western route part of the CPEC. The federal government should unequivocally announce western route as part of the CPEC as per its commitment.”

The chief minister said that under the CPEC all the provinces were supposed to get equal number of projects. He said the western route was of strategic importance to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

Pervez Khattak said if the promise was not honored, his government would raise their voices. He said the prime minister should convene the all parties conference and convince them or else the provincial government would convene an all parties conference and evolve the future course of action.

He said that the federal government approved a link of motorway from Jhand to Kohat and expressway and rail track from Peshawar to . He demanded that, “The federal government should make allocation of resources for these projects, which had been reflected in the .”

He said these were the projects for which he had struggled and got them approved and these were of prime importance in the backdrop of CPEC. He added that, “The failure of federal government to provide resources for these projects would kill the objectives behind the CPEC.”

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