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PFC Delegation Leaves For Italy To Explore Furniture Market

ISLAMABAD, Jan 13 (APP): (PFC) delegation left on Saturday for Italy to promote trade links via mutual collaboration between Pakistani and Italian through business-to-business (B2B) meetings after attending 3-day international trade fair Heimtextil 2018 at Frankfurt (Germany).

According to a message received here, the delegation headed by its chief Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq will discuss the possibility of enhancing mutual trade followed by B2B meetings at Associazione Italiana d’Ingegneria Economica (AICE) in Milan and Cassa Padana Brescia. The frequency of visits between the two countries has witnessed a rise in recent years which is indicative of further deepening of ties between the two countries.

He said that and Italy had a good relationship in a variety of fields and it was now time to further strengthen it. He said the delegation would meet officials of government agencies, leading companies and foreign trade agencies to explore new avenues of mutual cooperation in trade and commerce. Mian Kashif said Italy was the fourth largest investor in Pakistan following China, UAE and Hong Kong with a total investment valuing at $100 million along with bilateral trade worth one billion euros. “Our focus is on energy, infrastructure, automobiles, agro-food, pharmaceuticals, marble, stones, furniture and textiles.

We want to diversify our exports and find new partners for doing business, “ he added. He said that Italian technology could help upgrading the textile sector of Pakistan and utilize its untapped capacity. He believed that Pakistan had a lot of potentials to promote itself for Italian business community while Italy was a country that provided excellent business opportunities for them. He said Italy had expertise in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art textile machinery, solar panels, food processing, renewable energy, infrastructure development and agriculture and various Italian companies were exploring opportunities to undertake joint ventures with .

Italy possesses countless opportunities for expanding companies and there were many key factors that attract Pakistani investors to invest in Italy and few of them had around 60 million demanding and sophisticated consumers, a favourable geographical position in the Center of the Mediterranean Sea, facilities and support for foreign companies. Many furniture retailers in Pakistan prefer to import furniture from Italy and sell the products in the local market, but Pakistani furniture industry is also equally enjoying the superb potential to compete. PFC is playing a significant role in boosting furniture exports and local manufacturers should also join hands with the council to help it achieve its goals, he added.

He said Pakistan’s business community is not only targeting to step up exports to the EU but is also striving to strengthen the partnership that will facilitate growth in trade with major partners such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Austria, Portugal, France and Italy. He said that furniture with calligraphic engraving had great demand in local and international markets, which seems to be the dominant one in Pakistan, therefore Pakistani craftsmen should focus on working in this particular area to earn the much-needed foreign exchange. In this regard, he appreciated the role of PFC in bringing the latest technical know-how in Pakistan to develop the local Furniture Industry for manufacturing quality products competitive with the international market.

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