silk road cultural expo

Promotion of Cultural Relations between China And Pakistan Urged

silk road cultural expo
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DUNHUANG – Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid on Monday said that Pakistan and relations were based on solid foundations and over the years had seen comprehensive growth in every area, including steady and uninterrupted growth in ties. He was talking to Minister for Culture of China Luo Shugang, who met him on the sidelines of the International Cultural Expo being held in Gansu, a province of China.

The Minister said that the meeting with Minister of Pakistan, which was an important country along the Silk Road, was of special significance as it was being held at a time when nations along the silk route had gathered to discuss ways of cultural promotion.

About 85 countries from all over the world are participating in the expo. He said that 13 cultural exchange programs had been implemented with Pakistan which was the highest number of programs undertaken with any country in the world. This year China was going to send more cultural troupes which would be tailored to the needs of Pakistani culture so that people to people contacts could be further deepened and made more meaningful, he said. He also thanked the government of Pakistan for facilitating the establishment of a cultural center in Islamabad. Luo Shugang said that there was rapid increase in admission of students learning Urdu in Chinese universities which reflected increasing interest in Pakistan.

He showed keen interest in identifying specific areas for expanding and deepening cultural relations between the two countries. He said that China would also encourage its Western regions in addition to other regions having close proximity to Pakistan to establish people to people direct links. China was ready to help in human resource development and management of artists institutions, he added.

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