Special Economic Zones Being Established Under CPEC: PM

Islamabad: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that boosting the exports of the country is the top priority of the Government. He said this while speaking to a group of leading industrial exporters of the country in Karachi.

Prime Minister said that economic development and exports are interlinked. He said we can’t afford to ignore our exports. Nawaz Sharif said that the government will give short, medium and long term relief to the exporters so that no section is deprived from the development objectives.

Increased economic activities and ease of doing business will result in reduction in unemployment and poverty. It was also said that improved infrastructure of railways would provide backup to the exporters in terms of reduction in freight charges. CPEC will further complement the benefits of improved railway infrastructure.

The Prime Minister said Special Economic Zones are being made under CPEC to provide an ideal platform for helping the country’s exporters.

He directed the Ministry of Commerce to establish arrangements for duty free import of additional five million bales of cotton in the wake of low cotton exports of the nation.

Exporters appreciated the economic turnaround achieved under the Prime Minister’s tenure and said historic foreign exchange reserves and improved security situation has reinforced the confidence of the exporters. The exporters also appreciated the decision of importing LNG by the government.


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