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China Urges India To Honor Commitment On Tibet

BEIJING (China) (APP): China on Monday urged the Indian side to honor its commitment on Tibet, respect its core concerns and avoid relations between both the countries from being further disrupted and undermined. “We urge India to see clearly anti-China and split nature of Dalai

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China Urges India To Stick To One-China Principle

BEIJING (China), (APP): China on Wednesday urged India to stick to the one-China principle and take concrete steps to maintain the sound and steady growth of China-India relations. During a regular press briefing at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

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China Decides to Step In Over Kashmir Issue

The unrest brewing in Kashmir has attracted international attention from various agencies, officials and countries, one of which is China. The country’s leadership, in a somewhat rare policy decision, has urged the government of Pakistan to ensure a proper and peaceful settlement of the issue