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Xi, Tillerson Vow To Work Toward Closer US-China Ties

BEIJING, (APP/AFP) – Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday their two countries would work to strengthen ties, as they met in Beijing. Xi stressed that he and Trump had resolved in a phone call last month “that

China Warns Of ‘Trade War’ If WTO Ignored

BEIJING, (APP/AFP) – China warned Thursday that United States ignoring World Trade Organization rulings could trigger a “trade war” after President Donald Trump’s administration said it was not bound by the body’s decisions. Last week a letter sent from the United States Trade Representative to Congress

US Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Patrolling South China Sea

WASHINGTON, (APP/AFP): A US aircraft carrier strike group is patrolling in the South China Sea, the US Navy said Saturday, days after Beijing told Washington not to challenge its sovereignty in the waterway. China asserts ownership of almost all of the resource-rich waters despite rival

China FM to Attend G20 Meeting Alongside Tillerson

BEIJING, Feb 14, (APP/AFP) – Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi will attend a G20 gathering this week, China announced Tuesday, setting up a possible first encounter with new US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Last week, as Sino-US tensions over Taiwan simmered, it seemed Wang

Opinion: Why Trump Can’t Bully China

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Project Syndicate) — As President Donald Trump proceeds to destabilize the post-war global economic order, much of the world is collectively holding its breath. Commentators search for words to describe his assault on conventional norms of leadership and tolerance in a modern liberal